Wednesday, October 5, 2011

my Pink Lemonade package!

I died today.
Okay, maybe that's a little exaggerated.
Or a lot.
So it all started on Thursday night when I realized, "Hey! I've never bought something from a handmade shop online." And so I knew it was about time. So I decided right then and there that I was going to buy something from Pink Lemonade - an awesome shop and blog - Friday morning.

Friday morning, I was super excited for one thing - it was Friday which meant that it was the last day of school for the week, YES! - and that I was FINALLY going to buy something from Pink Lemonade. So I got onto my computer and headed straight to Pink Lemonade when I came across Paige's post that morning. She was sharing the same excitement with me that it was Friday and so to celebrate she was giving away free clips of randomly picked colors to every order she received that day.
It was such a God-thing.
So that's why I died today.
woo hoo!
Here's the package that I got my items in. It's so CUTE!
I purchased this peach-colored ring. Isn't it cute or what!?
That's the clip.
It's a chocolate brown color.
It's so sweet. :)
I love it.
Oh, yes. I had to take a picture of what she scribbled out.
But, hey, I should be the one saying,
Once I saw the logo,
it was official.
That was when I died.
:) haha
It's raining here so that's why the photos are kinda gloomy. But that's definitely not my mood! My brother got the mail today and he dropped it, luckily not in the gutter where the rain is gushing down the street. I basically leaped across my front lawn to check if my package was there and it was. But I saved it in time before it got all sloppy wet. :) It's all good. (Oh, don't worry, I got the rest of the mail safe and sound. :)

Anyway, check out Paige's awesome blog and shop. She's got the cutest stuff that I cannot wait to wear! Thanks Paige!
hugs, emma

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  1. you are SO sweet!! i am SO glad you liked your goodies!! xoxo


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