Saturday, October 15, 2011

mustaches rule!

One of the best things ever - mustaches. Oh yeah. And guess what? I made one!! Yay! They're so much fun to play around with and they are the best "disguise gear" you can get. I think my mom barely reconizes me. I know, they work that well. :) haha Use this great tutorial by Andee at Bearing Fruit to make you're own! :)

From tomorrow to next Friday, I won't be here sadly. I'll be camping in Yosemite, so when I come back on Friday (maybe I'll be able to get a post out that day...we'll see) expect some coolio pictures. :) The next God-Lover post will be moved to Saturday. So until then, make some mustaches for me! :)

*mr. mustache man decked out in my snazzy sunglasses. oh yeah.*

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