Saturday, March 24, 2012

music lovers\\ B.Reith

I recently found out about this guy...AMAZING! He's been stuck on replay on my iPod for the past few days because I love him so much. haha :) Yup. His music is catchy and awesome to listen to for any occasion. It makes you want to bust a move or something. It rocks my socks. Seriously!Thought I should share...maybe you've heard of him?
a mustache!? YES!
By the way, that's the guy. Not some random dude.
Thank you for you consideration, dear reader.
Here's some of his songs... listen to them! Make sure to turn off the music at the bottom also. Just have to remind you of that. Anyway, what's your favorite song on the B.Reith playlist? Mine would have to be the first one...Made for More. So good. So amazing. haha Love it. :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

thee movie. yes, THEE movie.

I saw it. I saw the movie. THEE MOVIE. Why yes, my dear friend, I saw the Hunger Games. The midnight premiere in fact. Yup. Last night, at 12:05, the movie rolled, and everyone in the theater eyes' were glued to the screen.

But I had to wait four hours+ in line to see it. It was fun cause I with some friends. :) A lot of people had copies of the first book in they read it while they waited. Man, I can't tell you how much I wished I had one of those. haha I don't own my own copy of the Hunger Games series! I know, it's INSANE! haha But one day, I will buy them and re-read them and...yeah. All that good stuff. haha

My face.

Hunger Games Emotional Rollercoaster (so stressful. haha)
First hour waiting in line - Emma, control yourself. CONTROL. CONTROL. Second hour in line - I got this. I got this. Third hour in line - I'm gonna die. Fourth hour WAITING - AHHHHH!!!!!!

Finally, sitting in the theater. Lights get dim. Okay, reader...the last few minutes of waiting for the movie to start I got so nervous. I don't know why. Don't ask! haha I thought I could pee in my pants or something...which happened to be my worst fear at the moment because I didn't want to have to go pee in the middle of THE HUNGER GAMES!! Geez. Who would want to do such a thing?

*moment of silence. Yes, yes. Stare at Peeta's face.*
I hope you wouldn't.
Then the movie starts... Maybe you've read the book, maybe you haven't, but it's so cool to see what you read in the book happen in the movie. I mean, when I read the books I had the whole thing set up in my head and then to see it ON THE SCREEN. Amazing.

You see the people. The different lives. The Capitol. District 12. Katniss. Gale. Peeta... And then...the Games.


Seeing it. Man, it was intense. Or at least, I thought it was. :) Then while I see everything Katniss and Peeta go through I wonder,"Would I survive in the Hunger Games?"

HA! no.

That quote above is probably one of my favorite scenes in the movie, "I think you have a shadow." -Peeta. And then Rue in the background...I love her so much. Her scenes in the movie are the best.

The Hunger Games movie was pretty good. But after all of this, I'm telling you, the books are better. WAY better.
[hunger games flash back] I am so satisfied within my soul.
haha :)

Have you seen the movie yet? Favorite scenes? Characters? Quotes? Let's discuss! :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

HORRIFYING horror movies. True Story.'ve probably seen a horror movie, right? If you have, I'm ranking you "Experienced Horror-Movie Watcher". If not, stay innocent. Trust me. I am scarred for life.

I can't get it off my mind. The horror movie I watched. It was called, "The Grudge." Maybe you've heard of it? I was creepy. And jumpy. It was about this kid who ate people and lived in a person's attic. Terrifying, right? More like, HORRIFYING. I was with a bunch of people I didn't know and so once the first scene happend I was already screaming, "NO!! NOOOOOOO!!!!" and hugging this girl's knee that I didn't even know.

Yeah, I'm weird.

The people I was with were "Experienced Horror-Movie Watchers" so with me...all wimpy and dorky and such a was sort of hilarious. I was like, "Yo, dude. I am FREAKED out!"And...yeah. Every jumpy scene I screamed.

And that was the night my reputation was ruined.

I was known as the girl with the scream that was scarier than the horror movie itself.Yup. A guy actually said that. He was like, "Woah! That girl's scream is scarrier than the movie!"

And I am proud.

Then somebody died and I just ran out of the room...and didn't come back. For one thing...I was scared. Number two...I...don't...know.

I was sort of forced to watched this movie. I had the choice to leave...and save myself from being mentally scarred for the rest of my life (geez)! But I didn't do it. I fell into peer pressure, I guess.

Peer pressure is hard. Because for me...running out of watching a horror movie sort of ruined my reputation. I was known as the girl who was a wimp and couldn't survive watching the entire movie. I'm not saying horror movies are wrong, I'm just saying that I didn't feel like it was right. I felt like I should've left. And so I did. And even though I felt embarrased because maybe if I had survived through that movie I could've made some friends...maybe those people weren't right for me. I don't know.

God loves fighters, not quitters...a guy named Robby Dawkins would say. Even when times are tough and something doesn't feel right, God's looking down at you sayin', "Wow, that girl was fighting for something good. I'm so proud she's mine."

Besides...I just gotta say, The Hunger Games movie is going to be WAY better than this. Seriously...the world will be watching.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the wind and the waves

I know, I lied. I said I was going to post something on Saturday, but I didn't. I just didn't know what to write. Or what to write about. I've been lost in thoughts lately...about stuff. Weird stuff.

Lately I've just been wondering, "Why?" Why the bad stuff continues to eat me (and people in general) alive. I think I get a break from it all, but I don't. It just keeps on coming. Like waves. Never ceases. Or so I think. I was rereading an entry in one of my journals I wrote a while ago and I read this (I know what you're about to read is sort of dramatic. But I don't know...I was just trying to describe how I felt):

"Silent waves. Silent drowning. Silent death. I feel so trapped. Honestly, it feels like there is no way out of this. That I will always, constantly die. Over and over again."

Everything I go through, I work through it silently. First, the waves come. Boom. Ouch. Man, that hurt. Then I realize that what happened is actually affecting me. Anybody got a band-aid? A deep, emotional band-aid? Anybody? Then I hide it.

And depression starts.

I close off. I "protect" myself. Which in the end I hurt myself more, because I block out almost everybody. Sometimes...even God.

"...he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave in the sea,
blown and tossed in the wind."
[James 1:6]

The bad stuff are the waves. The wind is the depression. The doubt are the thoughts that "you aren't going to make it". The tossing is the way you hurt yourself. Belief is faith.

Perseverance is hard. Really hard. Fighting against the tough stuff is one of the hardest things ever. And yeah, whatever struggle just popped into your head right now, that's your tough stuff.

Why, God? Why me? Why does all the bad stuff happen to me and no one else? Why do you let me go through this? Why do I feel so alone?

Jesus was thinking of you. When he was being beaten and dying on the cross, he was thinking of you. When people hated him for what he was teaching, he was thinking how it worth it was going to be for YOU. Yes, you. Whoever you are. Jesus IS thinking about you. About everything he loves about you.

And that he hates to watch you go through pain. He hates to watch people hurt you. And let me tell you this, somebody once told me that God tried to work it out with that person who hurt you. He's still working with them, but he tried to convince that person to turn around for good. But they didn't listen.

God is your shield. He's fighting for you.Hear all that bad stuff? See all that bad stuff? Remember God's with you. Always. Constantly. Remember that when you're walking through the lowest of the low times in your life, he's walking by your side. Even when you can't see or feel or hear him, he's there. He feels what you feel. He's crying with you. He's hearing the stuff people tell you. It hurts him too.

"Even now, (yeah, even when you feel like you could die)" declares the Lord,
"return to me with all your heart (even if it's broken. even if somebody has hurt it. God wants it),
with...weeping and mourning."
[Joel 2:12, with my inserts in (here)]

God wants you. Even if all you have left is broken. Even if you feel like you could honestly die. He wants that. He wants to pour healing into those places. Pour deeper than any person could. He's capable of reaching your darkest places. The ones nobody knows about. He wants to heal you and love you. Care for you and give you hope. And yes, he's still thinking about you even though you're pretty convinced that he's completely forgotten.

Yeah, there's still the waves. There's still the wind. The doubts. The tossing. But there is still hope. There is still peace. There is still love. Remember that in your darkest moments. It's not over yet.
How He Loves by David Crowder Band on Grooveshark
*Make sure you turn off the music at the bottom!
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