Saturday, March 24, 2012

music lovers\\ B.Reith

I recently found out about this guy...AMAZING! He's been stuck on replay on my iPod for the past few days because I love him so much. haha :) Yup. His music is catchy and awesome to listen to for any occasion. It makes you want to bust a move or something. It rocks my socks. Seriously!Thought I should share...maybe you've heard of him?
a mustache!? YES!
By the way, that's the guy. Not some random dude.
Thank you for you consideration, dear reader.
Here's some of his songs... listen to them! Make sure to turn off the music at the bottom also. Just have to remind you of that. Anyway, what's your favorite song on the B.Reith playlist? Mine would have to be the first one...Made for More. So good. So amazing. haha Love it. :)

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