Thursday, December 22, 2011

i love the hunger games

I've told you about the hunger games before, I'm pretty sure. And maybe you remember me mentioning that I love Gale? I don't know! But I have an announcement!! Now that I'm reading Mockingjay (the last book) I am changing my love. In other words, I love Peeta. Just letting you know. Who do you love? :) heh heh, love. [the picture above....*sigh* poor Katniss. :(]

But I still love this photo of Gale. I'm sorry.
Peeta, when did you get those crazy, amazing blue eyes???


  1. omgeee the last pic of peeta<33

  2. I love the hunger games! I only just started reading them - stayed up till 1.30am last night :P Peeta is already my favourite though :)

  3. I still need to read the third one. I'm really want to know how things turn out!!(:

  4. Isy~
    Yeah, I thought of you when I saw that last photo of Peeta. I know...those blue eyes. I die! :)

    Yeah, the Hunger Games are addicting, aren't they? haha So glad you're reading them!! :)


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