Friday, December 30, 2011

friday's favorites!

Today is Friday's Favorites!!! I hope you had an amazing week. I loved just about every single day because it was filled with nothingness. I'm starting back up with school next week (hurray...) so these sort of days are remembered for the rest of my life. Sorta. Anyhoo...

I LOVED this idea from A Beautiful Mess! ADORABLE! I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE! Though it's sort of too late to do this project because I have no cool photos from this past year to make a cool calender with. Boo hoo. But I'm thinking maybe next year (2012, I already love you) I'll bring this project back around....
If I had these fellas, my life would be complete. (I'm gonna cry from their cuteness! BAH!)

Emma wrote about what she's been doing these past few weeks...sounds amazing! :)
I loved this post by Mandy. I feel the same way sometimes.
I'm dying for rain. Dying! God, if you're reading this, please send me rain pronto monto. I beg of you.

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