Monday, December 5, 2011

music lover monday: brandon heath

Hey fellas! Did you have an awesome weekend? Mine was crazy busy, but I'm back now! And guess what? It's Music Lover Monday! YAY!!! (are you excited or is it just me?)

I knew for sure who I wanted to share with you this week. Besides, I don't think I could wait any longer to tell you about this singer. Well, for a long time, (you may think I am weird about this)I've been trying to find my life's theme song. I know, it's weird. :) I've been looking for one for awhile now and I found it. And this guy wrote it. So, the music artist I want to share with you this week is...

All I can say is, he is pure awesomeness. Really. :) His music has cool guitar strumming techniques and clapping sort of beats. It's really amazing. I love it so much. :) Here's some of my favorites by him and tell me what's yours!

and, my life's theme song :)


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  1. Hi!!! I'm so happy you picked Brandon! He's my favorite artist in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!! :D I seriously love him to death and hes reallllyyyy cute :D

    My Favorite songs are: (There are A LOT)

    The Light in Me :)
    Give Me Your Eyes :)
    Wait and See :) (I love when he says Tennessee)
    No Not One :)
    Love Never Fails :)
    Steady Now :)
    Red Sky :)
    I'm Not Who I was :)
    Leaving Eden :)
    Your Love :)
    Trust You :)
    Stolen :)

    These are my favorite songs :) But I LOVE all of his songs.....

    Here my fellow Brandon Fan, Email me!!!! :D


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