Saturday, December 10, 2011

tree time

This morning I set up my mini Christmas tree in my room. I brought out my mini Christmas ornaments I bought from Michael's last year and looped some white Christmas lights around the plastic branches. I named her Amelia, by the way. I have this thing for naming trees. In my living room, we've got "Nobe" - a Noble. I tried to convince my mom to get Doug (a Douglas Fir) at the Christmas tree lot, but it didn't work out. :( So we ended up with Nobe. haha
:) That was my Christmas tree setting up process. You like? Below, I've got some Christmas music put together for you. Sorry, it's not that many songs. Maybe I'll add some more. :) Have you set up your Christmas tree yet? Anyhoo, have an awesome weekend! See you Monday! :)

emma :)


  1. I love Amelia! (:
    Poor Nobe! ):

    Anyways she looks really pretty! :D

  2. Yes, poor Nobe. But I still love him. :) (I mean, who wouldn't love a tree named Nobe?)


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