Monday, December 26, 2011


I've been thinking about home. My home style. What it would be like, look like... Here's some photos I put together. :)

It's just cool. :)

I love the flowers and colors.
Pretty pattern.
Pretty table and color. :)
This will go up on a wall....
And I just like this photo....
And this will be my backyard.

Home styles for everyone! Yay!
which pic do you like?


  1. I love the last four(: I'm always thinking about my future home! It's a lot of fun!! Hahaha! I LOVE interior designing too(:

  2. Isy~
    Yeah, interior designing is so much fun!!!! haha Though since I don't have my OWN house, I have to stick with my room. Anyhoo, fun stuff! :)

  3. Yeah! I really want to do something with my room but it's really messy >.< Ahaahaa! But I need to do something with it :P

  4. Everything is so cute! I'm actually getting ready to redo our house and I can't wait to make it fit my style more!


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