I've seen that you have some tutorials on your blog...can I put them on my own?
You can choose one or two photos from the tutorial to put into you're post, but do not post the entire tutorial. Also, add the link and please give me credit of where you found this tutorial. That would be really nice if you did that. Plus, tell me! Comment the link the in the most recent post I've written to let me know. :) I'd love to check it out!

Could you post a pretty picture of yourself? I've been wondering what you look like...
Okay...here's the deal. I'm hoping that all of you guys are nice people, and I'm pretty sure you are. But, there are some creeps out there. And I really don't want to be stalked. Who does? But maybe one day I'll post a picture of myself on here. Maybe.

Do you have some REAL contact info?
No, not yet... :( I still need to work on stuff like that. Plus, you might be a creep so I don't want to give you my information. I'll probably set up a special email for this blog eventually...hopefully.

Can I interview you?
Yes! I'd love to be interviewed! Comment on the lastest post and I'll email you if you have that sort of information...urg. Hopefully you do because obviously, I don't. :(

Have more questions that need to be answered and should be put on the FAQ page? Please comment your question in the comment section below and I'll add it to this list as soon as possible. Thanks!

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  1. Could you post a pretty picture yourself? I've been wondering what you look like! Please? Thank you! (I am a girl, I'm like a teen, and I'm NOT a creeper! I was just wondering, you know?)


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