Wednesday, November 30, 2011

hair stylin' awesomeness

Anbody tired of keeping your hair down or pulling it up into a pony tail? Well, that's me. I've had it in those two hair styles my whole life (yes, my whole life. haha) and I'm ready for a new hairstyle. Something, orignial, clean, and (of course) awesome. So what am I doing? Looking up hairstyle tutorials. And GUESS WHAT? I found some really awesome ones. :) I though I'd share them with you...
I love them all, but I gotta say the top one is my favorite.
What's yours? :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i got me a domo

Sunday afternoon. Mall. Me at the Tokyo outlet store buying this. My first domo.
My domo was a surprise. He was packed up in a little box and was a "mystery color." :) So once I was out of the store, I basically ripped open my box right then and there in the middle of mall.
And there he was.
My lime green domo.
I died. :)
I felt like a dork being the middle school girl I am and almost running into things while staring at my green domo. Yeah. :)
I had a little photo shoot with him yesterday anyhoo. Take a look...

Monday, November 28, 2011

music lover monday: abandon

This week I wanted to share with you a band called,
I love them so much (I love a lot of people "so much". Just saying.) They're a band with awesome beats and cool tunes. The singer's voice is really distinct and amazing and I just love it. The End.
Their song, Live It Out, was featured on a Biggest Loser episode a few weeks ago. I recognized it immediately and totally flipped out as I barely yelled, "MOM!!!!! I KNOW THESE PEOPLE WHO SING THIS SONG!!!!!! CAN YOU HEAR IT??? I LOVE THEM SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!"
They're the type of band I turn on in the morning so their "upbeat beats" wake me up.
They're the type the band that I listen to while I finish up science homework late at night.
They're the type of band I listen to while I clean my room and do those...chores.
They're the type of band you can listen to anytime, anywhere.
Here are a few of my favorites:
What's your fave? :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

deeper thinking

Deeper Thinking
by Isy

Oh friend, why must clouds cover your skies?
Why must the wind knock down your trees?
For if all was well they would be our friends.
But all is not well in the forest of emotion.
For bears ate your berries and squirrels eat your nuts.
You give but they take.
Everyday it rains and it's cold and damp.
In your forest wolves growl with anger to their prey.
But the trees hide their anger.
Yet the trees can only hide so much.
Soon their growl overcomes these obstacles and must be heard.
Earthquakes shake the forest and rain storms strip it to pieces.
And when everything isn't enough another rain comes in.
But one gentle and light.
And a bird begins to sing.
My friend wrote this poem for me and I love it so much.
All I can say is, my friend knows me.
She knows what I go through.
I told her she rocks my socks.
Because she does.
Exclamation mark.


Friday, November 25, 2011

who's driving your dump truck?

meet my dump truck.
I name him Dumpy. Go figure.
made him yesterday from a lego set I found at my dad's house.
I love him so much. :)

I'm weird like that.
I'm sorta a simple person.
But not normal.

Sorta like my dump truck.
He just carries loads, dumps them somewhere, then repeats.

That's kinda how I work.
Have to deal with some problem, finally it's gets over with, and then you find another one.
But then you have to figure out who's driving your dump truck.
Is it God or you?

Because when God drives your dump truck, he's carrying the burden.
But if you're driving your dump truck, you have twice the load.
And dump trucks carry dirt, rocks, aka things that hurt.
So not only is the load heavy, but it's painful.

Now you have to decide,
do you want to carry it alone?

Who's driving your dump truck?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving, fellas!
hope you're having a good one. :)

as for me, headed over to my dad's today and celebrated.
and also built a lego dump truck.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hunger Games!!

You may think I am awesome or completely crazy for posting this. But either way, I have to because I just have to. :) So here you go -

I am in love with the Hunger Games.

I am.

I'm sort of speechless because these books are so amazing!! I am currently almost finished with book #2 (Catching Fire) and then I will be going insane waiting for book #3 (Mockingjay) to arrive at my library. So many people want it, it's sorta a long wait.

They're that good.
Have you read them?

Once I found out that the Hunger Games was going to turn into a movie...

I died.
But it's okay,
I'm going to stay alive so I can see the movie. :)
(see all the movie posters up top? heh heh)
I love you, Hunger Games.
I've watched the movie trailer so many times now I'm so pumped for the movie!! Every time I finish watching it I either want to cry or I'm so excited I could kick something. :) heh heh... (you can see the movie trailer, here, so you can join me in my explosions of excitement.)
Stay calm.
Doesn't Katniss look so fierce?
Oh my goodness,
and Gale,

I cry.
A lot.
The book\movie trailer...
it's too good.
Aww.....sooooooo GOOD!!!
(that's Peeta :) and Katniss up there)
Oh man, Gale.
I've loved Gale since the beginning of the books.
Do you love Gale?
Or do you love Peeta more?
Just wondering...
Because I love Gale.
Just saying.

I am so excited. :)
I could kick something.
Or cry.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

sneek peek

I'm working on an embroidery pattern for ya guys...
Can you figure out what it is?
Give it your best shot. :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

music lover monday: hillsong united

One thing I love is music. I'm not really sure what to say about it - just the simple fact: EMMA LOVES MUSIC. I've been playing piano since the 2nd grade and am now playing on my worship team in youth group. I started out with the basic chords in piano and then moved onto classical, also known as "notes." :) When I began playing with my youth group, it was a WHOLE different experience playing with all my friends. Different instruments put together to make a whole CAZAM POW WOW music. It's just awesome. :)
My music style is loud. I LOVE drums and then all the crazy electric guitar solos. But I guess I have to say that I also sometimes like music to be quiet with guitar strumming and little bit of piano here and there. But mainly, I like to rock. :) haha

Not only do I like to "rock" - but I LOVE to rock out with God music. I got to the point where I got really into looking for awesome crazy Christian music so when I was really low, I could just turn on my ipod and have Jesus blast into my ears. Or when I'm in a great mood, I can yet again turn on my music and my mood would get greater. I know it's pretty hard to find modern Christian music so I decided that I would start a series called "Music Lover Monday" where I share all of my fave Christian artists once a week, one at a time. Maybe you'll find an artist you'll like (*cough, cough* LOVE!)...
This week, I wanted to share with you...

Hillsong United is my all-time FAVORITE Christian band. Their style is really unique, where sometimes the music is soft or loud. It varies so you'll never get bored when listening to it. It's. Plain. Awesome.!!! :)
(don't those people up there look like they're having a great time? YES! Didn't I tell you Hillsong United is amazing? :)
Here's some of their music just a click away... :)
what's your favorite?
emma :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

thanksgiving... CHRISTMAS!

Thanksgiving is coming this week. WHAT?
I know, it's turkey time.
It's crazy.
It seems like the 4th of July was yesterday... :)
Already I see Santa Claus everywhere.
I mean,
Christmas music is already blasting at the grocery store.
I can't believe it's almost Christmas!! BAHHH!! :)
So, I know I should be writing about Thanksgiving but...
I just gotta write about Christmas. :)

One thing I love about Christmas is the lights. I love to drive around at night and look at everyone's houses decked out with the (as my youth group pastor would say...) "illumination."
My mom's already playing Christmas music at my house. haha She usually starts turning it on around Halloween and then finally turns it off once Christmas is over.
So I've been listening to Christmas music for a few weeks now... :)
Ooooooh, and hot chocolate is the BEST around this cold season!!
I get mine real chocolate-y and then load it up with a mound of marshmellows.
it's amazing.
Winter fashion is AWESOME! I love wearing sweaters like the one above around this time. Although, I haven't been able to get one YET.
But that shall soon change...
hopefully. :)
Sadly, it doesn't snow here in Los Angeles.
But I love this snowman (and woman?) anyway.
That's what I love about Christmas.
I love the decorations,
the music,
the clothes...
but I also love that it's Jesus' birthday.
Happy 2011th? early birthday, J.C.!! :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

i love domo!

Have you seen Domo before?
He's one of the cutest, brown monsters EVER!
He's so cute I could cry.
Or "It's so fluffy I could die!" [quote from Despicable Me]
Today I thought I would tell you how much I love him.
And maybe you'll love him too. :)

I know how you feel, kitty! The cuteness is too much!! RUN!
Ooooh myyyyy gooooodness.
I'm totally going to draw some of these!
he's got a girlfriend.
sooo cute. what do you love about him? :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

color moods: coral

My latest color mood...
c o r a l.
I went to Forever 21 yesterday and got coral nail polish.
It's so cute!!
There are all different shades of coral - light and dark. I love them both.
Here's some coral inspiration...
What's your fave?

Friday, November 11, 2011

it's my birthday

guess what?
it's my birthday today.

veteran's day
awesome day to have a birthday, isn't it?

i send you an invisible birthday balloon.
and it's yellow.
because i like yellow. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


i think the best gift is a smile.
when i get one,
it means the world.

go find somebody and turn their frown upside down.
share the love.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

always inspired

Hey fellas! I haven't been here in a few days - WHAT? I know, I'm sad about that. Life's been crazy and I haven't had much to blog about either. :( Sadness. I'm gonna change that though. In the meantime, I'm still making my rounds to my fave blogs and I just have to say: I AM INSPIRED. Take a look...

Emma over at Being Emma totally rocked my socks with a few photos of her daily life (through her iphone). I just gotta say, I love those 3D glasses!! :)
Mandy over at Miss Indie is opening up a shop (Indie Darling) so she had a little sneek peek of some of the items. I had a cuteness attack when I saw these bows. Aren't they amazing?
Mollie over at Wild Olive always remains awesome and just seems to get awesome-er. Isn't this a great craft?
Melisa over at Pie N' the Sky inspires me. Pretty photo too. :)
And then Casey over at the Wiegand's. She inspires me in every way. She's really cool. :)

So what about you?
what made you inspired?
emma :)
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