Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hunger Games!!

You may think I am awesome or completely crazy for posting this. But either way, I have to because I just have to. :) So here you go -

I am in love with the Hunger Games.

I am.

I'm sort of speechless because these books are so amazing!! I am currently almost finished with book #2 (Catching Fire) and then I will be going insane waiting for book #3 (Mockingjay) to arrive at my library. So many people want it, it's sorta a long wait.

They're that good.
Have you read them?

Once I found out that the Hunger Games was going to turn into a movie...

I died.
But it's okay,
I'm going to stay alive so I can see the movie. :)
(see all the movie posters up top? heh heh)
I love you, Hunger Games.
I've watched the movie trailer so many times now I'm so pumped for the movie!! Every time I finish watching it I either want to cry or I'm so excited I could kick something. :) heh heh... (you can see the movie trailer, here, so you can join me in my explosions of excitement.)
Stay calm.
Doesn't Katniss look so fierce?
Oh my goodness,
and Gale,

I cry.
A lot.
The book\movie trailer...
it's too good.
Aww.....sooooooo GOOD!!!
(that's Peeta :) and Katniss up there)
Oh man, Gale.
I've loved Gale since the beginning of the books.
Do you love Gale?
Or do you love Peeta more?
Just wondering...
Because I love Gale.
Just saying.

I am so excited. :)
I could kick something.
Or cry.



  1. ME TOO!!! Lets go see the movie! :)

  2. yes, you and me. WE GO!! :) haha I am so excited. SO EXCITED.


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