Saturday, November 26, 2011

deeper thinking

Deeper Thinking
by Isy

Oh friend, why must clouds cover your skies?
Why must the wind knock down your trees?
For if all was well they would be our friends.
But all is not well in the forest of emotion.
For bears ate your berries and squirrels eat your nuts.
You give but they take.
Everyday it rains and it's cold and damp.
In your forest wolves growl with anger to their prey.
But the trees hide their anger.
Yet the trees can only hide so much.
Soon their growl overcomes these obstacles and must be heard.
Earthquakes shake the forest and rain storms strip it to pieces.
And when everything isn't enough another rain comes in.
But one gentle and light.
And a bird begins to sing.
My friend wrote this poem for me and I love it so much.
All I can say is, my friend knows me.
She knows what I go through.
I told her she rocks my socks.
Because she does.
Exclamation mark.


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