Tuesday, November 8, 2011

always inspired

Hey fellas! I haven't been here in a few days - WHAT? I know, I'm sad about that. Life's been crazy and I haven't had much to blog about either. :( Sadness. I'm gonna change that though. In the meantime, I'm still making my rounds to my fave blogs and I just have to say: I AM INSPIRED. Take a look...

Emma over at Being Emma totally rocked my socks with a few photos of her daily life (through her iphone). I just gotta say, I love those 3D glasses!! :)
Mandy over at Miss Indie is opening up a shop (Indie Darling) so she had a little sneek peek of some of the items. I had a cuteness attack when I saw these bows. Aren't they amazing?
Mollie over at Wild Olive always remains awesome and just seems to get awesome-er. Isn't this a great craft?
Melisa over at Pie N' the Sky inspires me. Pretty photo too. :)
And then Casey over at the Wiegand's. She inspires me in every way. She's really cool. :)

So what about you?
what made you inspired?
emma :)

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