Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Trip & Ami Kitty

So, you guys all (or most of you) know that I was on trip this past week and a half traveling all over north of California. Well, I'm back! :)

I went up to Sacramento and did a lot of tours of the place- including the Capital. The Capital's architecture is beautiful and if you ever happen to be taking a tour inside, make sure to take a good long look at the inside of the dome. It is pretty impressive I must say. :)

I also stopped by San Francisco. Now this city definitely has character. :) But whenever I think of San Francisco I think of the Golden Gate Bridge. It's a massive, red bridge that stretches from one side of the San Francisco Bay to the other. I took a tour that took us underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, which you can tell by the angle of the picture above. This unique place is a fun city to tour.

I traveled other places as well, but these are the two key places I thought I'd mention. :)
Like any other crafter, I brought along a crochet project to do. It's a "Tiny Ami" Kitty using the pattern from the book, Amigurumi World, by Ana Paula Rimoli. It was a lot of fun to work on and I think it turned out real cute! :) It is a gift for my Grandma. :)


  1. Glad you had a safe trip. :P

  2. WOW!! I like how you switch up the back rounds from time to time! It's a nice surprise! :)


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