Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just a little "check-in" :)

Hello Reader! Today, I just wanted to do a little "check-in" with you guys. So,


I've been everywhere lately. Okay, maybe not everywhere but I've been doing a lot of traveling this past week. I stopped by Sacramento, San Francisco, and some other places. I've done a lot of tours, visited a ton of museums, and ate some good food. And during this time, lots of inspiration! I've even been inspired for to make a few embroidery patterns. :)

Traveling and seeing new places is what I think is so incredible. God's creation seems to never end. Maybe I'm just seeing farms roll past the car window, maybe I'm just plucking a little flower from a bunch, or maybe I'm looking at the bay of San Francisco- His creation is so...neat and overflowing with awesomeness. God is the greatest artist I've ever known! Just look at you- God made you beautiful. He loves you like crazy too! Now look around you right now- what do you see that He created?

Read from me on the 7th! :)


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  1. I know!! I just love God's creation! That's why I want to travel so much! And see all the beauty of Mother Earth :) Ahahahaha!


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