Monday, September 26, 2011

faith day

Today, I'm teaming up with my new blogg-y buddy, Andee at Bearing Fruit, for Faith Day. I'm so thankful and excited for this and I wanted to say, THANK YOU, ANDEE, for helping me out on this project. Over at her blog, you can find her post for her impressive painting and Proverbs 3:5 post. Make sure you stop by! :)
Trust in the Lord with all your
and lean not on your own
-Proverbs 3:5
That's the theme - Proverbs 3:5. To me, this verse seems to ask a lot. I mean, trust in the Lord with all your heart and and give up leaning onto yourself?
That's some tough stuff.
But it's possible.
I realized that when I asked for Jesus to be #1 in my life, Jesus was really easy going with giving me all of Him. But when it came to giving me all to Him, that's when the "tough stuff" comes in.
Giving up control.
That's hard.
Really hard.
I like to plan out, prepare, and have control. And God wanted me (and still does!) to leave that to Him because I know that He's already got my future planned out, He'll prepare me in ways I don't know, but the only way He can do that is I have to give my control to Him so He can take control.
I'm at the time in my life where I say, "Okay, God. It's up to You now. I've tried it my way, but that didn't work like I planned out and prepared. I give up my control so you can work it out for me because my way is just not clicking - have Your way God."
And that's where this comes in - Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
Even harder.
It's one thing giving up control - and it's another thing with trust. I have a hard time trusting people - even God sometimes. But I think that's a part of our human nature. We like to know what happens before we have to take that first step over bridge. You can't see the end of the bridge - all you can see is the small light at the end, so the only thing you can hang onto now is the trust in your heart.
STAY CALM. Once you give up control and then trust you might just want to explode. Been there - done that, so I can say this. :) Life can get a little "edge-y". It might feel like it's the end of the world because the cloud that has just entered you has a storm going on inside. And there's one thing about going into a storm alone.
It hurts.
But when you go into a storm with Jesus - who's holding your control and trust - there's
And when the storm hurts you.
He can heal your hurt.
And when it seems like the world is going to end.
Jesus can make a new beginning.
Oh yeah.
Now that is what I like to call
Awesome- Jesus- Stuff.

So have Your way, God. I may think my idea is good - but Yours is great. I may think my dreams will make me happy, but Your idea for my future will make me burst with joy. I may think my way of planning and preparing myself is a good thing, but You're ways are better-
Have my life - make it Yours. Have my heart - fill it with Your love. Have my dreams - make my future. Have me, God.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding... -Proverbs 3:5
What I have for you is a little notepad that you can make as a reminder to love God with all your heart, mind, and soul. Fill it with grocery lists, notes, and scribbles of all sorts...
Fill it with awesomeness. :)

So what you'll need is
  • ribbon
  • a pencil
  • stamps (optional)
  • cardstock (white\cream & color of your choice)
  • paper doily
  • regular paper
  • cardboard
  • gluestick
  • scissors
  • hole punch
With your cardboard, cut a retangle to be 7" long and 3 1/2" wide.
Next, place the cardboard on the colored cardstock and trace with your pencil. Then cut out.
With your regular paper, use the cardboard to trace out the sheets where you will scribble out your awesomeness. Cut out as many rectangles of paper that you would like to have in your notepad.
Now you should have three layers - the cover, the colored cardstock - the sheets of paper, where all your notes will be stored - and the cardboard bottom - so your notepad won't flop everwhere. :)
Now, with your white\creamy colored cardstock, cut it to be 7" long and 2 1/2" wide. I used stamps and for some words, I wrote with a pen, to copy Proverbs 3:5 onto the center of this piece.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding...
Proverbs 3:5

This is what will make your cover.
Coat the back of the Proverbs 3:5 paper with your gluestick.
Place it down on the center of the colored cardstock paper. Press down.
Now glue the top of the colored and Proverbs 3:5 cardstock paper.
With paper doily, place half of it on the top where you just glued.
Now flip over cover and trim the other half of doily off. You will also want to trim off the doily edges on sides. Use picture above as a guide.
Set cover aside.
With the cardboard, on the very top mark with your pencil where you want to hole punch.
Punch out your markings. I used a heavy duty hole puncher. Oh yeah. :)
Now with the inside paper, put the cardboard on top of the pile.
Trace the circles.

It should look something like this.

Hole punch!

With a long strip of ribbon, thread half of it through the cardboard, inside paper, and cover. Use picture as guide.

And with other half, do the same and tie into a bow.
There you go!
Your very own Proverbs 3:5 notepad. :)
Make sure you stop by Andee's Faith Day post! Which you can find, here.
Happy Faith Day!


  1. Amen!

    Awesome Emma!
    I love the note pad.
    What a blessing that the Lord brings us together in this way!

  2. Beautiful post, and I love the project. I love paper and ribbon...that's my kind of craft for sure.


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