Thursday, September 8, 2011

Doodling with "An Encylopedia of 101 Embroidery Stitches"

I'm borrowing an embroidery book called, An Encylopedia of 101 Embroidery Stitches, by Jane Cannon Meyers. It's a bit of an outdated book but the stitches that it holds are timeless.
And so today, I decided to doodle with those crazy, yet amazing stitches! Lot of fun and maybe I'll show you how to make them someday. :)
The stitches I tested out are called, Double Blanket Stitch, Lattice Stitch, and the Sheaf Stitch. The more square looking stitch is the Lattice Stitch and the stitch that look like little bushels of hay is the Sheaf Stitch. Below, is the Double Blanket Stitch, which so happens to be my favorite of the three so far. :)
I'm staying a bit safe in my comfort zone with the 101 embroidery stitches to choose from. Maybe I'll get a bit more crazy like some of those stitches and test those out too. But, don't count on it! :)

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