Saturday, September 10, 2011

do I smell fall coming on?

Yesterday, it was steaming hot here in California and today-- well, it rained-- it actually thundered and poured. Talk about crazy weather! But I don't mind summer walking out the door that suddenly because
I love it,
I love it,
I love it!
I love fall because of the smell that's in the air, the festive feel that fills your home, the icy chilliness that makes you want to snuggle in a heap of blankets, and when you walk around, the sound of crunching leaves underneath your shoes. Oh, I love fall!!!
I couldn't help but look around on etsy for some fall inspiration. :)
An apple cozy is pretty creative, don't ya think? I'll have to try and make one of those... :)
Oh, and who doesn't love the look of acorns? They are so cute and... awesome! I'll have to make some sort of craft that has to do with acrons because these fellas are classic! :)
I love fall. Is there anything more to say about it? Thank you, God, for fall- thanks a ton really! Thanks for colorful leaves, trees, the wind, and rain. Thank you for a warm home and a chilly outside... Thank you God for fall! You really know how to make me happy! :)


  1. I LOVE FALL TOO! :) It's great and I also like Winter and I can't wait to have them here in Cali!

  2. Fall is definitely my favorite season! I've been missing it terribly ever since I left the midwest for the west coast which seems like one long summer-ish season. I think I will make something Fall inspired today because of this post! Pumpkin bread? Hmm...

    :) I like your blog!


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