Friday, May 18, 2012

the end.

Well, this is a really hard post to write. I've been thinking about it all day and...ah, it's just really hard. I've decided I'm ending this blog. It's just time for me to wrap this place up.

I started this blog as a craft blog, and let me tell you, I was so excited posting pictures of all of my crochet animals, embroidery, and all those crazy projects. It still brings a smile to my face. :) haha Man, those animal things were so cool! haha I don't know, I was on a crafting "high" making stuff like crazy and then all of a sudden, all that awesome stuff stopped.

I don't really know why.

Some stuff started happening in my life and things started getting really, really hard. I never talked exactly what I was going through here but suddenly, writing on my blog became sort of challenging. I wanted to write happy. Just happy stuff. And it was really hard because that wasn't how I felt. And I think, as time went on, the sadness that I felt, in a way, started leaking its way into my blog.

Which made it even harder to write.

But I just went up to Redding, California to Bethel Church this past weekend and I had a crazy experience. And, ah...just thinking about it makes me so HAPPPPY!!! haha :) An awesome guy named Josh prayed over me and, to be completely honest, it felt like all that black stuff in my life got burned up and trashed. That all those chains I've had locked onto myself all of my life have been destroyed, really, and I feel free. I've been set free.

So, maybe I'm ending this blog but I'll still be around...just at a different blog. Piles of Pages. I've been given a fresh start, a new beginning. Through this one year of writing here, I've figured out who I am as a blogger. This experience has been amazing, and I'm so happy you've been stopping by. Every time I got a follower or a comment, it always made my day. Just to know someone out there was taking their time to read about the stuff I've written. You mean a lot to me.

Thank you so much and I'd love you stop by Piles of Pages. Comment and tell me you're from Mimicking God's Creation. I will LOVE YOU FOREVER IF YOU DO THAT. :) heh heh

Love you guys forever and ever.

The End  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I haven't posted in a very looooong time. Sorry 'bout that. But, hey, here's a post. :) I honestly have no idea what I'm going to say, so bear with me. I'm thinking. Sorta just need to bluh all over this. haha :)

I feel like a fresh start is coming. I went outside earlier and that's what I felt. Freshness...crisp air. Love that. Though the sky is so gloomy and I'm just waiting for the rain. Just waiting for something to happen. Do you ever feel that way? Just waiting for something...just sometimes not sure what.

I see bright colors. I've seen brighter days. :) You know, one where I can ACTUALLY SEE THE SUN! (uh, please rain. though I love rain. but I just get depressed. but I still love it. don't judge) Though...sometimes it just feels like there is a brokeness in dark days like these. Where the sun wants to shine but the clouds don't let it. Light is held back. It's sad.

And sometimes I feel like that's what happens in our lives. We want to shine but we're held back. Restrained? Yeah. Sorta like we've got these invisible chains of past hurt and things people have said that refuse to let go. I just see chains gripping and cutting and hurting people, maybe even you. 

But the rain has gotta come. I know it does. And sometimes it has to rain before you can see the sun again. Cause after the rain falls, the clouds fade away, then blue sky appears, the sun comes out, and then there's the smell.

Yes, thee smell.

The one where you smell that clean air and you're like, "Oh yeah, I like this stuff." It's a fresh start. One where you don't have to wear those chains anymore during those dark days. Where that clean air can just wash over you and you know for sure that you got a fresh start.

Don't worry anymore...the rain is coming. But it will end. Bright days are coming. A fresh start is coming. (Summer is coming. YES!) And you know what, I think your chains are falling.

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