Monday, November 21, 2011

music lover monday: hillsong united

One thing I love is music. I'm not really sure what to say about it - just the simple fact: EMMA LOVES MUSIC. I've been playing piano since the 2nd grade and am now playing on my worship team in youth group. I started out with the basic chords in piano and then moved onto classical, also known as "notes." :) When I began playing with my youth group, it was a WHOLE different experience playing with all my friends. Different instruments put together to make a whole CAZAM POW WOW music. It's just awesome. :)
My music style is loud. I LOVE drums and then all the crazy electric guitar solos. But I guess I have to say that I also sometimes like music to be quiet with guitar strumming and little bit of piano here and there. But mainly, I like to rock. :) haha

Not only do I like to "rock" - but I LOVE to rock out with God music. I got to the point where I got really into looking for awesome crazy Christian music so when I was really low, I could just turn on my ipod and have Jesus blast into my ears. Or when I'm in a great mood, I can yet again turn on my music and my mood would get greater. I know it's pretty hard to find modern Christian music so I decided that I would start a series called "Music Lover Monday" where I share all of my fave Christian artists once a week, one at a time. Maybe you'll find an artist you'll like (*cough, cough* LOVE!)...
This week, I wanted to share with you...

Hillsong United is my all-time FAVORITE Christian band. Their style is really unique, where sometimes the music is soft or loud. It varies so you'll never get bored when listening to it. It's. Plain. Awesome.!!! :)
(don't those people up there look like they're having a great time? YES! Didn't I tell you Hillsong United is amazing? :)
Here's some of their music just a click away... :)
what's your favorite?
emma :)

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