Thursday, December 1, 2011

it's december & it doesn't snow

but it doesn't snow here.
boohoo. :(
So I decided I would write about snow and stuff. haha :)
Anybody seen the movie Elf? Oh man, BEST. CHRISTMAS. MOVIE. EVER. I love it so much! Though I still watch it year-round (heh heh). I used to watch it a lot with my dad. I think we should do that again. Anyway, I watched it last week with my brother and a few of his friends and it was awesome!! What's your favorite part of the movie? I guess mine would have to be when he's leaving a note and says, "I'm sorry I ruined your life and that I shoved eleven cookies into the VCR." ahhhhh!!! Amazing. My brother's friend and I cracked up every time we quoted it. So funny... :)
Definitely something I would do. Maybe. Ya know, lie down in the middle of the road and stare into the sky. Dreamy. :) haha Though, I love making snow angels. Just saying. :)

Monica, over at The First Lime, cut out a few paper snowflakes. It was such a cute DIY! Plus, adorable! You can check it out here. :)
I made a few of my own snowflakes. You like? :) I decided that if it wasn't going to snow here (I live in southern California) I would make my own. So I did. Yay! Isn't this is what creativity is all about? haha :)
Does it snow where you live?

1 comment:

  1. Emma! Thanks for featuring my little DIY! (:
    Your snowflakes look super cute!!

    Sadly, here it doesn't snow... ):
    But well, that gives me another reason to travel!



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