Monday, December 19, 2011

music lover monday// chris august

Sorry I didn't post a music lover monday last week, but here's one this week... Yay! :) heh heh This week I wanted to share with you

Chris August.

He is amazing!! He wrote the song "7x70", which I've heard on the radio several times before and maybe you have too. :) Anyhoo, his music is... I'm really sure how to describe it. Slick and clean. It's really awesome. Below I've put together some of his music from his album "No Far Away" for you to listen to. I figured out how to put a playlist together so you don't have to leave da blog because of the music's links. It's way more convenient! :)

*make sure to turn off the music at the bottom!

What's yor favorite song? I love "I'm Gonna Sing" and of course "7x70". :)



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