Saturday, April 7, 2012

why, hello there...

You probably thought I died, right? Well, I did. No, no. I'm alive. And breathing. And still around today, walking, and stuffs. I've just been busy...with life. And everything that comes with it, my friend. Know what I'm saying?

Anyway, I'm basically writing this post just to let you know that I haven't forgotten. Though I'm sort of "burned-out" on what to write about on my blog... Ever get that way? Where you just don't know what to say sometimes? Most people write about their daily-life on their blogs, but I don't really want this blog to be that sort of place. I haven't exactly figured out what this place is, but don't worry. I'll keep on keeping on (posting). :)

So days have been filled with school, reading books, rereading the Hunger Games, going to the movies today for the Hunger Games, and JEEEESUS. Going through emotions (like any other girl my age. Geez, story of my life). Figuring stuff out. Experiencing craziness. And...finding God in the weirdest places. Finding the places that I love. Trying not to pee in my pants while hanging out with people that are HIL-LARRY-IOUS. Getting excited over nothing. Exhausted from everything.

But I like it.
I like it a lot.
And that's what keeps me from posting these days.

How've you been, my friend?



  1. I am perfectly peachy Emma! Literally. I am eating a peach. Yum! I have a suggestion, (well, you might have already done this, I have only seen like 3 quarters of your site) how about some poetry? Post a poem? Explain your poem? Have us love your poem? Peachiness! I am random. :D


  2. Kendall-

    THAT IS GENIUS! thank you so much for your suggestion! :)

    Anybody else? :)



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