Monday, April 16, 2012

it's a must.

Oh. My. Dear.

Check out this etsy shop! Isn't it so AMAZING!? I started working for my friend Jessica, who is the OWNER (yes, owner) of this shop. I started working this past Saturday, sewing tags and cutting out pieces of fabric for the pillows. Fun stuff, my friends. Fun stuff. I love it. :) Plus, I get to tell her some of my ideas for pillows and we could possibly make them. SO COOL, right!? :) Mwhhaha. Yes, it's so cool.

These are my favorites from her shop...

[The Instagram Pillow]

[The Hedgehog Pillow]

[The Whale Pillow]

So snazzy, I know. :) Check out her shop and comment which one's your favorite! Tell me!! Please, reader. I gotta know what you like. :) And you can like her stuff on facebook too, if you want. Go here for that cool stuff.

Hope you're having an awesome Monday! Cause mine is really boring. The end.


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