Friday, April 13, 2012

april showers bring may flowers

It's raining right now. More like, pouring. It's so awesome. I love it. I love rain. There's been thunder and lightning too. So cool, man! :) haha I wouldn't be surprised if we relive Noah's Ark or something because it's pretty intense. Anyway... I don't think this post has any point to it at all. Sorry. Just felt this urge within my soul! Bahhhahaha. I remember when I was younger and I was walking home after school after the rain, I'd jump in every puddle. It was so much fun - you have no idea!

But then I got in trouble because I jumped in a puddle that was in the street.


Plus, if it thundered while I was in class all the kids would scream. Thinking about it now, it's sort of hilarious because we all had high-pitched voices. know. The screams still echo in my mind. Call me scarred.

Though I feel bad for my teachers. Seriously. What if they've become deaf?

But I still love rain. No matter the cost. :) Is it raining where you are right now? Do you even like rain? Or is it just me? Anything awesome happening in your life today? I'm going to go see Mirror Mirror with my friend in the afternoon today. Let's hope I don't drown on the way.


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