Friday, March 16, 2012

HORRIFYING horror movies. True Story.'ve probably seen a horror movie, right? If you have, I'm ranking you "Experienced Horror-Movie Watcher". If not, stay innocent. Trust me. I am scarred for life.

I can't get it off my mind. The horror movie I watched. It was called, "The Grudge." Maybe you've heard of it? I was creepy. And jumpy. It was about this kid who ate people and lived in a person's attic. Terrifying, right? More like, HORRIFYING. I was with a bunch of people I didn't know and so once the first scene happend I was already screaming, "NO!! NOOOOOOO!!!!" and hugging this girl's knee that I didn't even know.

Yeah, I'm weird.

The people I was with were "Experienced Horror-Movie Watchers" so with me...all wimpy and dorky and such a was sort of hilarious. I was like, "Yo, dude. I am FREAKED out!"And...yeah. Every jumpy scene I screamed.

And that was the night my reputation was ruined.

I was known as the girl with the scream that was scarier than the horror movie itself.Yup. A guy actually said that. He was like, "Woah! That girl's scream is scarrier than the movie!"

And I am proud.

Then somebody died and I just ran out of the room...and didn't come back. For one thing...I was scared. Number two...I...don't...know.

I was sort of forced to watched this movie. I had the choice to leave...and save myself from being mentally scarred for the rest of my life (geez)! But I didn't do it. I fell into peer pressure, I guess.

Peer pressure is hard. Because for me...running out of watching a horror movie sort of ruined my reputation. I was known as the girl who was a wimp and couldn't survive watching the entire movie. I'm not saying horror movies are wrong, I'm just saying that I didn't feel like it was right. I felt like I should've left. And so I did. And even though I felt embarrased because maybe if I had survived through that movie I could've made some friends...maybe those people weren't right for me. I don't know.

God loves fighters, not quitters...a guy named Robby Dawkins would say. Even when times are tough and something doesn't feel right, God's looking down at you sayin', "Wow, that girl was fighting for something good. I'm so proud she's mine."

Besides...I just gotta say, The Hunger Games movie is going to be WAY better than this. Seriously...the world will be watching.


  1. before I was a Christian I was a horror movie ADDICT! The scarier and more demonic it was *of course, I didn't realize that at the time* the quicker I wanted it to come out and watch it with friends. It was a thrill. But seriously, those movies I can see really affected me. I still struggle with being alone and especially in the dark I have to pray and call out to GOD and just acknowledge his presence.

    I think that whatever we give our minds to it will leave a mark on us. And I am forever scarred from my love for movies that quite frankly are demonic because the spirit behind it is not of LIGHT that is forsure.

    anyways, I'm not trying to be religious but I think GOD allowed you to see just how little light is in this world and how it really does nothing for us to watch things that completely go against GLORIFYING the Lord or shining light at all...

    The Hunger Games is going to be amazing and nightmares will not follow :). ha ha I'm pretty excited and the critics have said that the movie is BETTER THAN THE BOOKS!!!!???
    who in the world says that?


    blessings girl

    1. Che Che!

      Honestly, in some ways I am sort of glad I saw this movie. It showed me how real satan is and how he moves even through movies. I mean, I was sitting there watching demon-possesed people and all the people I was with thought it was funny. But to me, it was so was crazy. I was completely FREAKED. haha

      Oh my gosh...the hunger games. Don't get me started. I scream every time I see a billboard. Yup. :)


  2. I know I'm a little late reading this but -- I just had to say, Robby Dawkins is awesome isn't he? My mom went to a conference once and met him, he's pretty cool apparently, I've heard a lot about him...that's all haha


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