Thursday, March 1, 2012

i. am. obsessed.




The movie is coming out March 23rd - THIS MONTH, PEOPLE! THIS MONTH! I am so excited, I am not even capable of telling you the fullness of it. :) haha

But I think I have figured something out. And before I continue, if you haven't read these books I suggest you don't read on...go to some store, buy the series, and read. Then come back here and then go see the movie. Deal? Deal.

If you're still reading this, person who has not read the series, go check your facebook or something. Sorry.

Okay, I used to love Gale. Why? Because in my opinion, he was more manly than Peeta. I'm just saying. Peeta was all frosting and flowers. Gale was, let's kill stuff and let's eat it. If you were to choose who was more manly, would you pick Peeta? Probably not. Or at least I hope not. Gale was more of the manly dude in these books... that's why I liked him.

Until book #3, Mockingjay. When somehow this "manly-ness" I liked about him sort of took over. It was all about war now. Defeating the Capital. And Peeta... I felt so sorry for that guy. He had such a strong, undying love for Katniss and here he was... thinking she was going to kill him or something crazy.

But then everything ended and Gale was completely gone from the last few pages. And it was left with Katniss and Peeta forever. In the beginning when I was reading these books, if I knew this series ended with them together, I would have died. But after Gale got all weird, I was alright with Katniss going with Peeta.

Until I closed the book and thought about everything I just read. I realized that Katniss needed Peeta. Even though Katniss and Gale have so much more in common, Peeta is a gentle guy. One that cares. One that loves you no matter what.

And Gale just left.

Why did I think Katniss should be with him? I don't know! And I've been thinking about it even more... Katniss has been through so much. She's a fighter. She doesn't give up when things get hard. By the end of Mockingjay, she was emotionally and physically empty. She had nothing left.

And then there was Peeta. The soft dude. The one who cares. The one who would love her after all the junk they went through.

That's what I figured out. Just had to put that out there.



  2. i agree girl. Gale was lovely to me in the books up until the third as well. When I realized that he was war crazy and driven with revenge and that KATNISS didn't need someone hungry for more bloodshed she needed someone WILLING to do whatever it took to protect her and survive but not thrilled about it. She needed someone who was soft as you put it and caring and not obsessed with holding grudges.

    to be honest though, I loved peeta more than gale after book 1. After the cave scene (so excited about that. After seeing how much he did to keep her alive and the selfsacrifice he was willing to undergo in order to accomplish it. After realizing his love for her was one that we as women desire but often run away from because the bad boy is more "agressive" or willing to "pursue". sorry didn't mean anything naughty by my word usage :).


    All I am trying to say is that Peeta is the kind of guy I would want and need. Someone who is quick to forgive. Someone who is aware of your heart being torn between him and another guy and would rather your happiness prevail over his desires.. someone who loves me selflessly.

    that is worth holding out for.

    Can't wait for the movie.
    I pray it does the book justice.


    found you on caseys blog :)

  3. Yes!! I totally agree. I was conflicted about Gale and Peeta too but I'm glad it ended the way it did :)

    Stopping by from Casey's!


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