Wednesday, February 29, 2012

leap day

Today is Leap Day. February 29th. Woah.

I really want to meet a person who was born on this day. And I want to give them a hug. Don't ask. They must be sad, so they need a hug. This is my way of life. Give people hugs and there will be happiness. Unless you're my friend Kaitlin. She hates hugs.

Leap Day is special...It comes and goes off of our calendars. Four years from today another Leap Day will roll around and four years ago a Leap Day was in the past. Today is a crazy day. Remember it though...days like these don't come around often...remember today as something amazing...something memorable. Life doesn't last for eternity, so when an extra day comes along, make sure you take it. Jesus gave you life...

Now you get to choose to live it.

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