Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Alright, I'm sorry you guys...I haven't been posting. :( It's sad, I know. And I've already had several posts like this but this time, this is for REALS. Seriously...postively positive.

I've decided I want to make this blog awesome.
Yes, awesome.
It's sort of okay right now.
But I want it to be awesome.
Will it be hard?
Will it be a challenge?
I like challenges. :)
Will it be worth it?

I want this blog to be more of my style. What I'm currently crazy about. MORE JESUS, peeps! I don't want this blog to be centered around me, but I really just want this blog to be a place for you. A place where you can come here and feel good about yourself and your life...Cause I like those sort of places, where happiness is just THERE. :) Most of all, this blog is dedicated to God. The one who gave me this heart to write, and this heart for style. He's the one behind all of this, so this blog deserves to be awesome!! :)

Prepare yourselves...
and thanks for all the views.
I haven't been posting a lot, but for some reason...
so many of you keep on coming back. :)
thanks, love you guys...

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