Thursday, February 23, 2012


It's time.
I'm trying to decide on a new hairstyle. Right now, my hair is...I don't know. My hair color is dark dirty blond, it's sort of the average length, and I've got over-grown side bangs (which look pretty weird when I put my hair up into a poiny tale. Anyone know what I'm saying? Maybe?) Every girl wants pretty hair, right? At least, I do. :) So I've put together some hair-dos that I like and we'll see what happens.
My hair is sorta like this only my part is on the right (or the left...I'm confused).
I really like the messy look, but I don't want the bob.
This would be really pretty (except I wouldn't want my hair colored. I'm keeping it natural).
Or maybe if I got it trimmed like this, with no bangs...merf.
What do you think? Any ideas? Anything you like about these hairstyles?


  1. i love nicole's bangs to the side and hair! all those are great though!

  2. I NEEED a new hair style!! But, right now I'm just trying to grow it(;

  3. I know, I like going natural too, but if you could dye your hair what would it be??(:

  4. If you want an edgy look why not layers? Layers can help if you have thick or unruly hair. i love the photos you put up but they probably did a lot of work for that look.

  5. ISY!!
    If I were to dye my Honestly, I have no idea. Uhhhhh...maybe streaks of blond. I don't know.

    The Mystery Anonymous person :)
    Layers would be cool. :) Though I don't know if I have long enough hair so when I pull my hair back in a poiny tail (which I do a lot) it'll hang and stuff. Unless I get long that's an idea. :)

  6. Oooh hair :) Yea, my hair is the length of Nicole's, (maybe an inch longer) but probably way thicker. I have long layers -- I kinda have to have layers or else it'd just all weigh my face down and be really plain. I have a lottt of hair haha and mine is light brown with some natural blonde streaks. I've never dyed mine either, and I don't plan on it. Like twice when I've gotten my hair cut, I've given it to Locks of Love and they wont take dyed hair. Plus, I don't wanna damage my hair :) bangs..They're kinda like Nicole's in the picture, but mine are longer, they go below my jaw, so they're kinda just like layers. Also, I just loosely pin them back with a bobby pin so they don't get in my face, or look weird when I wear a pony tail :) Yea so you probably didn't wanna know all that.. lol sorry. So how long is you're hair emma?


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