Friday, October 14, 2011

flower power & joyce meyer!!

I am so proud of these flowers. It's been a goal of mine for awhile now to make some sort of crafty flower. And guess what? I. DID. IT.
Bonus point, they're a no-sew project. Definitely my kind of project. All you need is some felt, a pair of scissors, and glue. "It's that easy!"
You can find this tutorial on how to make these pretty fellas, here.
flower power... :)
In the meantime, guess what I did today? What? I went to the Joyce Meyer Conference Friday morning session in Long Beach! It. Was. AWESOME. :) I went with my mom and two friends. More awesomeness! :)
For worship, they had one of my favorite singers (yeah, when I found out who it was, I flipped), PHIL WICKHAM!! eeee!!! :) I love you Phil! :) *he's got music on youtube and itunes, be sure to check him out*
Oh, and there's Joyce. The speaker of these incredible conferences. :) Yeah, that's her on front of a magazine catalogue. It was close enough we got to meeting her. :) I love you Joyce! :)
What did you do today, my awesome friends? :)

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