Thursday, October 27, 2011

God Lovers! week four

Hey guys!! I can't believe it's already the LAST WEEK of October! Can you? *sniff, sniff* That means it's the last week of God-Lovers. No!!!! But, don't worry, I'll have the final God-Lover post on October 31st. :) Hope you read your chapters, if not, don't worry about that either. These posts do not require them. So, let's get started!

Alright, so today I wanted to tell you want Jesus did not do. I think this is something we need to clarify because if I were Jesus, I would have done a lot things differently. So, to get things straight, I think I'll write out what Jesus did not do.

I went to a conference earlier this year (Equip Youth Conference 2011 in Anaheim) and the speaker, Robby Dawkins, said what he would have done if he were Jesus. He said this, "If I were Jesus I would have been born at the Super Bowl on the 20 yard line. I would have risen up and shot people with lazier beams from my hands at people..." he went on. That's basically what I remember and it still makes my laugh like crazy. If you saw this guy, he used a lot of sound effects while saying those lines and hand motions. It was hilarious.
Jesus was not born at the Super Bowl on the 20 yard line. Okay?

If I were Jesus, I would have "casually" strolled around town pointing and winking at people and then whatever injury they had would disappear. I would be like this guy below...


"Need a new arm? I know a Guy who could fix that for ya. No tips, thank you very much. I got this all under control." Or I would go get my beach towel and go to the beach with Peter and watch him fish while I would say, "This is the life! [cough, cough] Oh and by the way, I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life!"

Jesus did not take the easy road.

What Jesus did was totally OPPOSITE of what Robby or I would have done. Jesus didn't come down to shoot lazier beams or wink at people. He came down to teach us how to be the children of God. He came down to teach us how to live a life to reflect Him.

As water reflects a face, so a man's heart reflects the man.

Proverbs 27:19

First of all, I got to figure out what I hold as #1 in my heart. Most likely, when you love something so much, you want to pursue it. You want to know more. And from pushing this on it becomes a habit. Something you love so much that anyone who sees you has what you love included in your reputation. That thing that you love so much is what's in your heart. It's what makes you who you are. It reflects who you are.

What if we replaced that "thing" with "Jesus."

What if Jesus is what you want to pursue. What if Jesus is what you want to know more of. What if Jesus is the One you push forward to learn about. What if He becomes your habit. What if you could reflect Jesus.

Well, YOU CAN.

But it takes a lot of trust. It requires the full package. Everything. Not some. ALL.


"Just trust me." I think that's all God wants from us. Trust. Trust, trust, and more trust. Have you ever seen those movies where there's the guy and then there's the girl and there probably about to jump out of an airplane and she's panicking, "I don't think I can do this!! Really! Seriously!! I CAN'T DO THIS!" And then he says, "Just trust me." and they jump out of the plane. (All the while, she's screaming her head off.)

Kind of like with God.

Someone once asked me if I would jump off a diving board into an empty pool and trust that God would fill that pool with water before I landed.

My answer was, "Uhhhhh"

I think that's what all of us would say. I mean, you want me to JUMP into a pool with NO WATER!? Are you crazy!?

But I think sometimes God just wants us to jump. You can't stay on the diving board forever. You can't stay in your comfort zone for the rest of your life. You have to move. You've got to jump.

I can't sit around waiting for Jesus to come by, wink at me, and then all of my life to go into order. I can't let something else be #1 in my heart. I'll have to jump off that diving board to give Jesus my trust.

"Just trust me."
Pretend Jesus was asking you this,
"Do you trust me?"
Here's this week's very short schedule :(
Saturday: October 29th, Read Proverbs 29th
Sunday: October 30th, Read Proverbs 30th
Monday: October 31st, Read Proverbs 31st
Missed the past God-Lover posts? Check them out here. Come back on Monday!
emma :)

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