Friday, June 10, 2011

Needlebook tutorial

I've always wanted to make a needlebook. Didn't know how, just stared at other people's needlebook images on my favorite blogs for inspiration. Yesterday, I finally decided to sew one up and instead of keeping it to myself, I thought I would make this a tutorial. Before we get started, here's a little tour of this needlebook. :)
When you first open this book you come across a pocket holding a pair of scissors and a fabric marker, as well the first page holding a few pins.
Flip the page and you come across some needles. I know, I don't have very many right now on the second felt page, but I'm working on my collection. :)
And on the very last page is another pocket filled with my "in waiting to be winded on a spool" embroidery flosses. :)
Okey dokey, now here's the tutorial! :)
What you'll need:
  • Fabric (2 different fabric)
  • Felt (one large piece for inside page, and two optional tiny pieces of grey and tan)
  • Velcro (I used the sew on kind)
  • Optional: Embroidery floss (I used colors 3347 and 3712)
  • Nessary sewing tools

Cut two different pieces of fabric 27 centimeters wide and 18 centimeters long. Cut the pocket fabric 4" wide and 5 1/2" long; cut two. Cut the velco 1 1/2" long.
Hem the pocket fabric 1 1/2" in. Pin down. Repeat with second piece.
Folding a little bit of fabric underneath pocket fabric long sides, pin down 2" or more from side of inside needlebook piece of fabric (you will need this space for sewing down velcro as well sewing the needlebook together). Sew on the inside needlebook fabric. Do not sew bottom of pocket fabric pieces; they will close when done in later intstructions.
Next, pin down velcro on either side of inside needlebook fabric piece's edge. Pin down in the middle of edge's strip and sew.
Cut felt 17 centimeters wide and 19 centimeters long. Center on inside needlebook fabric piece, pin down, and sew down the middle.
Optional: Cut out a circle from a piece of tan felt and cut out a spool shape from grey\silver felt. Center felt spool on circle and use the satin stitch to embroider on top of it.
On the right side of needlebook cover fabric, pin down felt spool design, and use the running stitch and embroidery floss to sew down.
Pin felt page down towards the center of fabric so during sewing it will not get sewed down.
Pin the two needlebook pieces together, pretty sides facing each other. Mark an opening about 4" wide where you will flip out the fabric once sewed.
Sew together. During this process, the bottom of pockets will be closed.
Once finished sewing, snip the corners to get smooth edges. Be careful not to cut the stitching.
Turn inside out using the 4" opening. Unpin felt page.

Sew opening closed.
You're done! :) Now sit back and admire your work. :)

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