Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sewed Snack Bags

First off I want to say this, I SEWED SOMETHING!! Second off, well, now I'll start talking. :)
Yesterday, right after I finished publishing the post, "Where's the Progress?" I was mad at myself because I had not sewed anything still. So, since I was already on the computer, I remembered watching a tutorial by Angry Chicken on how to make these awesome snack bags. So, forcing no second thoughts on other projects, I zoomed over to her video turorial and watched it, and then sewed one myself. Once I finished my first, I was so excited that I sewed 4 more! :) hee hee
These snack bags are great because you can store just about any lunch food in there and as well they are a cute way to store your peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches in style. They each have a flap that is sewed into and folded over each snack bag. These snack bags are easy to make (that's why I made them. :) and fun to use!
To make one of your own, go over to Angry Chicken (you can find her link under the "Crafty Blogs" section), click on the button "please watch my video tutorials!", and then click on the video labeled, "easy snack bags with no velcro" . And there you have it, sewed snack bags. :)

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