Monday, June 20, 2011

Disneyland "It's A Small World" Inspiration

I went to Disneyland yesterday for Father's Day. One of the rides I went on was, It's A Small World. Most likely you've heard of it or maybe you've actually been on the ride but I couldn't help but take some pictures of it. :) Just to let you know I didn't take the best pictures ever...but I hope you can still get what I'm trying to capture (By the way, it's kind of hard to take pictures while you're in a boat and all the dolls are dancing...).
Okay, I haven't gotten to the doll part yet, but look at these bushes (that were in front of It's A Small World ride)!! They are animals!! Awesome right? :)
A bear... :)
Hula girls. If only you could see them...not blurry.
Within the whole ride, they have Disney characters placed, wherever their movie was set in, in those themed areas. In this case, Ariel, was in Hawaii. :)
And of course they have these all over the park, but a hidden mickey made by a shadow of balloons is on the ceiling on the way out of the ride. :)
I thought it was pretty cool that when I got on the ride that I was place in the front row seat of the boat (thank you Jesus! :). He must have known that I really didn't want the back of someone's mickey ears in my pictures. :)

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