Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Back Stitch

Today, I have a embroidery stitch tutorial for you. It's my first one, so I hope this goes well! :) So today, we are going to learn:
The Back Stitch is one of the most basic stitches in embroidery. It's great way to outline designs, embroider letters...the list goes on. So I thought this would be a great stitch to start out with. For beginner embroiders, I suggest you draw a line with a fabric marker to stitch on.
First off, you'll want to poke your needle through your fabric. Make sure there is about an inch between the needle and the hoop.
Now, instead of going forward on the (let's call it) the blue line, you're going to want to go backwards. Push through the fabric all the way. However far back you go, this will be the width of your stitches.
Bring up your needle a width far from your original stitch on the blue line. (Use picture as a guide.)
And meet this stitch with the original one. Repeat! :)
There it is! The back stitch. Now, you don't have to make your stitches exactly the same every time. You can make it vary; big, small, tiny, big, tiny... or you can do bigger stitches, or very tiny stitches. There are so many ways to use this stitch! (Now that's what I call, awesome. :) Happy stitching! :)
If these directions were hard to understand and follow, please comment what needs work in the comment section. I want these tutorials the best they can be! Thanks. :)

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