Monday, January 23, 2012

this. is. my. LIFE!

this is basically my life.
I have the whole weekend of motivation.
the thought of, "when Monday comes around, I'm going to study more and by Friday, I WILL BE A GENIUS!"
Yeah, right.
I end up on the computer looking up stuff like those pictures above. haha
And yeah, that's sorta what I'm doing right now.
I should be studying for a huge science test I have tomorrow. :(
I am leaving now!
Anybody do this?

emma :)


  1. I do that ALL the time!! I have an english assessment tomorrow! -____- And a math assessment on wednesday!

  2. Oh my gosh haha me too! So glad I'm not alone in that..I daydream -- like at times when I really shouldn't be Mostly when I'm doing math. I get distracted horribly easy lol I think I'm like ADHD or something, cause I've got no problem paying attention during a good movie


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