Tuesday, January 10, 2012

blogger award!

Andee over at Bearing Fruit awarded me and ten other amazing people with a blogger award! I am so honored and HAPPY! Thanks so much, Andee! You rock my socks! :)

want to award 10 people? here's the rules:
1. link back to the person who gave you this award
2. complete the form below
3. award 10 other blogs and let them know in a comment or email
4. share 7 random thoughts about yourself


1. name your fave song
Rise by Hillsong United
(play it every morning when I wake up!)

2. name your fave dessert
chocolate ice cream all the way, people!

3. what ticks you off
being late
(unless it's something I don't like...sometimes I'll let that slide.)

4. when I'm upset I...
go in my room, shut the door, hide underneath my covers, and listen to Hillsong United or Jesus Culture.

5. what's your fave pet
my dog (he died), Eddie. though nobody understands why I loved this dog because all he did was slobber all over tennis balls and fart. wonder why...

6. black or white
white :)

7. biggest fears
rollercoasters at 6 Flags. I will pee in my pants. Serious.

8. everyday attitude
tired. I am so sorry.

9. what is perfection?
okay, maybe not that... I would say just being able to sit in God's presence sort of thing. Have you ever been to church where you can just sit there and feel Jesus surround you? I love that. It's truly perfection. :)

10. guilty pleasure
eat M&Ms and read a romantic book or watch a movie. muhahahaha...

{Award time :)}
Alright, I would say more but these are my 10 out of millions of blogs I love. Whenever I finish reading these blogs (including Andee's) they make me feel good. :) They make me inspired in my creativity, they make me happy, and some even make me motivated to pursue a better relationship with Jesus. So, ladies and gents, here are my fave feelin good blogs... :)

Seven random thoughts about me:
1. I love the color yellow because it makes me smile :)
2. I don't like fish. They're freaky (but they taste good).
3. I like to rock out to Hillsong United in my room.
4. If you make me laugh, I love you forever.
5. I hate bananas.
6. I love to write...
7. I think Jesus is pretty awesome if you ask me. Just saying.

I love you guys! :)


  1. thanks so much Emma!! (:
    I am really happy to be a part of your fav blogs list!!

    I am really scared at roller coasters too!!


  2. you are so sweet... thank you!! :)

  3. awwww... thanks Emma! You're too sweet! :)


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