Thursday, January 5, 2012


Andee wrote today about her word of the year. Other people are also coming up with their word of the year.
Like Casey's is "change."
Mine is too.

2012 is a year of change.
I can feel it.

Letting go of fear...
Letting go of hurt...
Letting go of mistakes...
Letting go.

I don't know what you're year is already like, but the smallest things are already happening in mine. Change is already making it's way. My first thing I want to do is give up. I hate change. Starting over. But then 2012 would be just like 2011. I don't want that.
So this is sort of a note to myself, I guess...
Emma, don't give up.
Embrace change because you know when you do, God's going to do something big.

1 comment:

  1. Change IS hard! But, yeah I don't know why but 2012 seems like it's going to be special(: It just sounds cool too....2012! Haha!


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