Monday, January 9, 2012


Hey fellas! How's it going? I've been thinking about this blog a lot. Maybe you've noticed I haven't been writing a lot these past few days. Sorry about that. I've just haven't known what to write about because... Well, originally when I started writing this blog, it was all about crafts.But then I stopped making them because... I didn't feel like doing them anymore. School was becoming more important, making better friendships was huge, and I didn't have my priorities right. God wasn't up top because I was distracted by doing a craft at any free moment I had. And then suddenly, I completely stopped doing them.

I changed in some ways. This blog changed. I started writing about God more. I started sharing more of me. I started blogging more about fashion and colors... things I really love.

Then my blogging 24\7 days stopped. I didn't blog everyday because I didn't feel like I was good enough. That my blog didn't look amazing like all the other ones out there. That my God-stuff wasn't helpful and wouldn't get somebody to think. That my past crafts posts weren't cool. That all the pictures I put up were horrible. And even sometimes, I would consider completely shutting down this blog.

But like I've said, I've been thinking about it. :) Emma is going to change some things around here, my friends. :)

I've decided I'm going to start sharing my passions. Put up inspiring stuff that has to do with those specific things. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. But I'm going to make this me. :) Make this something that I'm proud of. That I'll be confident about. Something that will make me smile - because I love smiling...just saying. :)

Maybe wondering what those things are? Here's a peek...
-daily life
-book\movie love
and maybe even some interviews...we'll see. :)


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