Friday, January 20, 2012


I don't know about you, but sometimes it feels like I'm the only girl in the entire world who feels alone. That my low times could have been worse. That my struggles don't mean anything compared to others. And today... I want to say something about that.

God made us humans equal...right? Right.

I feel alone. A lot. But, since I decided that Jesus is always there for me I don't feel... as alone as I used to. (Anybody out there know what I'm saying?) But then there's the struggles I deal with that just knock me back down again. People tell me, "Your struggles could have been a lot worse, ya know that, Emma, right?"

Actually, no, I don't.

We've all got struggles. Maybe you're parents are divorced. Maybe you know somebody who just passed away. Maybe you know somebody who's homosexual. Maybe you're having financial problems. Maybe you don't think you're good enough. Maybe you think that things will never change.

Maybe you just feel...alone.

I know how you feel. But people have told me that things could have been a lot worse for me and... to be honest, that just makes me mad. Because...

a problem is a problem.
pain is pain.
a struggle is a struggle.

everyone's different,
everyone's got their own life,
but we've all got problems.

So I feel like since someone else's problem could be worse, I can't tell anybody mine because that would just say I'm a wimp and to start healing I've got to have a really, really bad problem.
that's when I feel alone.
when I can't tell anybody anything.

because most likely,
they've have an even worse problem
and I won't qualify.

a problem is a problem.

pain is pain.

a struggle is a struggle.

you need to do something about it.

You're not alone. People have probably told you that. People have told me that. No matter how screwed up your thing you've got going on is (whatever was your first thought, that's the "thing") you need to do something about.

Maybe you've heard people say, "God is love"?

That's a good pain killer.
Knowing that, Hey! Jesus likes you. I like you. And GUESS WHAT!?
That's called God's love.

Whenever you feel alone or feel pain talk to somebody about it. Because most likely they just want to tell somebody about their problem to. You can't heal without knowing what the hurt is. And you can't love without feeling loved. So go hug somebody.

Cause, guess what?
They probably need it.


  1. I've actually being thinking about this lately. When I'm sad about something or think I have an issue... then I automatically think in my head, "do my problems even qualify?" I think 'there are people starving to death' etc. But, I like what you have to say about it. Pain is pain. Everyone has their own struggles and should be able to deal with them and move forward without being told 'it could have been worse'. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Love the first photo. I hope you feel better.


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