Friday, January 6, 2012

on my mind...

I've been thinking a lot about kids. I don't know why, I just have. Little ones. The ones that still believe the tooth fairy is real. The ones that play princess or have pretend battles. Those kids. The ones that can dream.

It's sorta cool to watch them. Talk to them. And then remember that you used to be one of them. I was talking with a little girl the other day and I asked her a few things... half the time she was talking about how her MOST FAVORITE COLOR IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD is pink and which Disney princess is her favorite. Her parents are at work all day and I asked what it is like to have a nanny when she comes home from school. I asked her because I had one too for awhile, but I wanted to hear what it was like for her. I was just wondering. I'm like that sometimes.

She told me answers that... I don't know. She told me how she's uncomfortable (yes, "uncomfortable." I don't think my vocab was that big when I was her age. Really.) with a certain nanny and how she likes the other nanny because she doesn't fight with her husband...

I already see problems happening that she'll have to deal with later in life.
When she understands them.
And then she has to act.

I don't know which way she'll turn.
I don't know how she'll feel.

Because sometimes when you've been cheated of something,
and you don't know about it,
you look for it.
Sometimes in the wrong places.


Everyone that I know. Everyone. They all have been cheated of something. They might not know it. I don't know it. But something has been taken from them. I can see it especially in teens like myself. It seems like our problems start early on, like this little girl. And when we're older, something starts hurting. But we can't figure out what it is.

So then we look for it. Sometimes in guys (or girls if you're a guy...). Sometimes in drugs. Sometimes in friends. Sometimes in popularity. Sometimes in clothing.

We look for worth.

But most of the time I see people look in the wrong places. And then they screw up. Then something that used to just hurt a little, hurts a lot. People nowadays think teens are just... screw ups. That we do everything wrong. That when you become a teen you're going to reject education, family and look for guys (or girls...) and get on drugs.

For me, that's NOT TRUE.

I'm trying so hard to look for worth in a different way. But it's hard when people automatically think that sometime along the road I'll screw up. And I will. I will make mistakes. I'm not perfect. I embrace that.

Look for God, people! HE LOVES YOU. HE CARES ABOUT YOU. HE THINKS YOU'RE AMAZING. HE'S DYING TO HAVE AN AMAZING RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU. God's not some weird guy who wants the worst for you. Whoever you are, even if you're old or young, don't listen to what people say. Listen to God. He knows what's best for you because, HE CREATED YOU. You're not a failure! Don't ever quit. Just keep on living. You're going to do something great someday. Believe it. Don't give up hope. Know that you're loved. He's always loved you. From the beginning. Before you were born. He knew you. You're going to make it.

Live to tell it!

You might just change the world!


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