Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Panda Bag

This is a purse I sewed using the pattern from the book, Arazni Cute Stuff, by Arazni Arozno. This purse is my new crochet bag. Whenever I have a crochet project I put in this bag so if I want to take the crochet project somewhere I just take the this bag with the materials and stuff inside and am ready to go. :) This bag also has it's little companion inside, the zipper pouch, I sewed as well to hold all of my crochet hooks.

Here's a closer look of the pocket on the front...
Well, I'm leaving from blogging again. Not as long this time though! I'll be back on Friday to continue this crafty adventure! :)

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  1. I've decided you need to teach me how to sew! the closest thing i know to sewing is knitting and i only know how to do a regular stitch to make a scarf! lol. maybe you could teach a whole sewing class! you could even charge and make some moooolah! and donate it to a good cause....like me! hehehehe jkjk


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