Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dala Horse Craftalong

If you have noticed, I have this button (above) in the upper right corner. Wondering what it's about? Well, today I thought I would share what it's for and how you can participate. Sound fun? :) Okay, lets get started! :)
So I think you already know that this is called, Dala Horse Craftalong. Carina (from Carina's Craftblog) and a few of her friends decided to start this Dala Horse Craftalong for one month, and during this month, post fun crafts that have to do with dala horses. Once you've done a dala horse craft, you can upload a picture of it to their flickr group so we all can see your finished craft! :)
But you don't have to do just the dala horse projects that they post, you can do any dala horse related craft and still upload it to the flickr group. So, I gathered some dala horse projects and have them below for you to do if you would like to...


From The Split Stitch, we have this really cute dala horse cross stitch chart. You can get this pattern, here. Also, I think Sara (from The Split Stitch) would appreciate if you uploaded your finished piece from her free cross stitch chart to her flickr pool. Just sayin'...

From Kat Crafts, we have this darling dala horse embroidery pattern. You can get this, here.


And from Carina's Craftblog, she posted this adorable dala horse aplique pattern. You can get this, here.

Well, that's what I could find! :) For more details about the Dala Horse Craftalong, you can go to the original post.

Happy (dala horse) stitching! :)


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  1. Love the Dala Horse and thank you for the free template


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