Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pretty Petals pattern

Here's an embroidery pattern, 100% designed by me, just for you! This pattern is for and is in honor of the Stitching Angels series over at the Split Stitch. Here's something to celebrate the fun with! :)
This embroidery pattern--Pretty Petals, uses basic stitches- The back stitch, running stitch, and french knot. The colors used for this pattern is DMC embroidery floss 3845, 727, 922, 3823, and 472. Bright, summery colors, don't ya think? :)
Go ahead and click on the picture above. Then you'll want to copy it and probably enlarge it on Microsoft (or whatever software you use) and then print it out. Enjoy! :)
Being a Stitching Angel was so much fun, I had a great time looking at the progress on everyone's embroidery pieces. You can see all the Stitching Angel posts here:


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